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Inside The Walking Dead: The First Zombie Of Season 2

Check out the latest video for the making of The Walking Dead Season 2 from AMC.

Special Effects Make-Up Designer, Greg Nicotero, talks about the creation of the infamous big-eyed zombie in season 2.

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Crazay3744d ago

Ok - That chick was EFFIN creepy looking!

Crazay3743d ago

Am I the only Walking Dead fan here? How is noone else excited for the videos we've gotten about the new season?

alycakes3743d ago

I'm excited. I liked the first season and I'm waiting on the next one but they don't show us a lot on these. What I want to see is who's going to make it after they left that place they were in at the end of the season.

I get stressed out thinking...where are they going? Every where they go they come across the same thing....they need to find a way to stop it or reverse it.

3743d ago