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Zombieland 2 May Be a While

Comingsoon says:

A few years back, director Ruben Fleischer made his mark with Zombieland, a hilarious take on the zombie comedy starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. Next month, moviegoers will have a chance to see what Fleischer can do with an action comedy sans zombies when his second movie 30 Minutes or Less is released. (Look for some exciting news about that tomorrow.) had a chance to talk with Fleischer about the latter earlier today and inevitably, the topic of doing the sequel Zombieland 2 came up.

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Crazay3744d ago

This sucks the big moose knuckle. Zombieland was awesome and more is highly overdue.

alycakes3744d ago

I'm on the same page with you on this one. I want the second Zombieland to be made and I thought it was a sure thing. It wouldn't be the same without Woody Harrelson though.

Darn,darn,darn,....that's about as bad as I get. But I'm mad, really mad! I loved that movie. When we went to Comic Con my husband got all painted up like a zombie by them and got a free zombieland tshirt and then that night they had a zombie walk in the middle of San Diego downtown and everybody they painted that day showed up and did they zombie type walks thru the was just so cool.

Crazay3744d ago

That is pretty awesome.

Zombieland wouldn't be the same without ALL of the original cast members.

Arcee3743d ago

I completely agree with you both here. Without the full cast returning, the movie wouldn't feel the same. Man, I hope something gets worked out. Still, like the article pointed out it was a long time between Alien and Aliens and Terminator and T2. So who knows.

Soldierone3743d ago

The way I see it is they have to wait a little bit. Emma Stone is getting big, let her do a few movies, then she will come back to it. Like after Spider man or something.

Same goes for Jesse, but the nice thing about him is he is still doing movies like this. Look at his latest one coming out.

The other two will be in a few movies and jump on board when the time is right. I think its awesome they are letting her age though.

Here is what I see happening. long distance between one and two, then three will come out super fast. Look at Pirates. First one was AWESOME, second one took forever to come out, and now they release em all the time.

Arcee3743d ago

That certainly sounds like a pretty feasible situation. I mean between two and three coming out quickly after a long stall between one and two.

alycakes3743d ago

Woody Harrelson is committed to the Hunger Games trilogy too now so that's going to take a while...gosh I don't see it happening.