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‘Captain America’ Director Joe Johnston On A Possible ‘Boba Fett’ Movie

Screen Rant Writes:
Might ‘Captain America’ director Joe Johnston bring the ‘Star Wars’ Universe back to the big screen – with a feature about fan-favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett?

Earlier today we had the opportunity to speak with Captain America: The First Avenger director Joe Johnston (stay tuned for our continued coverage on the film from our interview).

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LtSkittles3745d ago

A Boba Fett movie would be so awewsome.

Christopher3744d ago

I think I'm one of the very few 30+ year old men who think that Star Wars should have just ended after the first three. I think the _only_ other Star Wars output since then that I've liked was KotOR. I hope I like the MMO, but I'm in no way getting my hopes up.

LtSkittles3744d ago

Oh I think that the prequels weren't that great, I watched them as a kid with an uncle who is obsessed with Star Wars, I'm not 30+, but did watch the 1st three on VHS.

Boba Fett's my favorite Star Wars character, and think if there was a film I'd go see it.

Soldierone3745d ago

I agree it would be rather awesome. I love Storm Troopers and the Bounty Hunters, if anyone played the Star Wars PC game Republic Commando you can see even these guys could have a badass Star Wars story.

I have to see Captain America first before I say how I feel about him doing it.

VMAN_013745d ago

My god I've always wondered why they haven't done a Boba Fett movie. Especially since that people who are casual about Star Wars would assume the character died in ROTJ, so it would be a great move to pull new fans in.

alycakes3745d ago

I have no idea who Boba Fett is...I know sometimes I live in my own little world and he looks familiar but where does he come from...time to do research.

Cerberus293745d ago

He was the bounty hunter in the original star wars trilogy who stood around and looked cool but never actually DID anything.

Soldierone3745d ago

Watch the cartoon series and play the games, he has much bigger roles than what he had in the movies.

Even the books has a few stories for him I believe.

alycakes3745d ago

Thanks everyone...I kinda remember some now.

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