Independent Review: Theatrical Runs - An Independent Decision

Sean examines the reasons why more independent films don't get a theatrical release.

Sean of The Daily Rotation writes:
In a world of constantly changing distribution tactics, there is one that stands head and shoulders as the end-all be all format for viewing movies. One that can never be replaced by a disc, a computer harddrive, and I don’t care what you say, even a nice HD projector. There is something about the communal experience that people go through in a packed theater on a busy night that they’ll just never get in any other venue. Even the drive-in, mostly dead in many places in America, is a different animal altogether.

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MinimeJer053754d ago

Another solid article! I've always supported local chain in these parts. They generally have better prices, nice theaters, good concessions and employees that care! I go to a chain called Five Star Cinemas for big released and then I stick with Landmark Theatres for independents, like the Uptown and Lagoon location!