Dolph Lundgren The Regeneration of an Icon

After a decade in the wilderness the giant Swede is back and better than ever.

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alycakes4095d ago

I really like this guy and I know he's super smart so I don't know what he's done with most of the past years but I'm glad he's coming back to do more movies now.

BubbleSniper4095d ago

dude was a fucking CHEMICAL ENGINEER. I can think of a few things I'd like him to make me.. and one of them includes blowing out all my serotonin supply within 5-7 hours. =D

jimstallone4095d ago

Yea he's a top man he was mint in the expendables and in Rocky 4 he was an animal! I saw the original punisher the other day for the first time and he was great in it, much better than the recent incarnations! Go Dolph!