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Nice New Shot Of Karl Urban As Judge Dredd

Bleeding Cool Writes:
We were the first in the world to tell you that Karl Urban was going to play Judge Joe Dredd. That was aaaaages ago, though, and in the meantime… not too much. Some on set snaps and one official image.

But we’ve just been sent this image of the man himself, in costume, nice and clear.

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Arcee3749d ago

Well, here is hoping that this new version does better than the Stallone version and that Dredd does NOT remove his helmet this time around.

Christopher3749d ago

Shouldn't he be very well shaved? Complete Law should be represented by a Dredd who is as pristine as possible.

alycakes3749d ago

I too am hoping for more on this one. I liked the concept of the story and so I am going to give it another chance but I'm hoping for a better outcome on this one.

CobraKai3749d ago

The Stallone Dredd was one of my favorite movies growing up. Very quotable, and Armand Assante's performance was brilliant. This looks more serious, and true to the comic. I'm still up in the air on this one.

DarkBlood3749d ago

could of sworn i played a game once called judge dredd ?

alycakes3748d ago

You may have....haven't they made games of just about everything? Or is it the other way around. Haven't they made movies of just about every game around?