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Warner Bros. Chooses Noam Murro to Direct '300' Spin-Off

THR Heat Vision:
Warner Bros. has zeroed in on Noam Murro to direct its 300 spin-off, 300: Battle of Artemisia (formerly known as Xerses).

The Israel-born director, who helmed the 2008 film Smart People, was vying for the gig with Jaum Collet-Serra, the director of this year’s Liam Neeson thriller Unknown. But Warners, which liked both directors, in Solomon-like wisdom divided up gigs for the filmmakers, yesterday handing Collet-Serra the adaptation of Akira. An official offer to Murro is expected to be made early next week.

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alycakes3744d ago

I thought this was a can it be a spinoff if it's a prequel. However '300' was a great movie and if it's anything like that or it deals with real history, it will get my attention.

I saw the 2 hour documentary of the fall of the 300 on the History channel and the movie actual did pretty good with the story. The Documentary was great.