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Sean Bean Follows Game of Thrones With Tarsem Singh's Snow White

CinemaBlend says:

After playing a lord on HBO’s critically acclaimed Game of Thrones, Sean Bean appears ready to move up the hierarchal ladder and play a king in Relativity Media’s planned Snow White production, with Tarsem Singh at the helm.

Bean is close to finalizing a deal to play Snow White’s father, whose kingdom is decimated by the fairy tale’s evil queen (Julia Roberts), Variety reports. Lily Collins of The Blind Side has been cast as the apple-eating, dwarf-befriending maiden, while Armie Hammer of The Social Network and Gore Verbinski’s upcoming Lone Ranger feature will play Snow’s hunky love interest.

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Grip3749d ago

he is really Under Rated actor.. his roll on Game of Thrones was magnificent.. let alone LOTG.

alycakes3749d ago

Haven't seen that show but I have seen him in other movies and he is a wonderful actor. I do like him so I'm sure he's going to be great in this.