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And So It Begins Review: Horrible Bosses

And So It Begins writes:
If there’s one fault with the film, it’s the fact that Jennifer Anniston, and particularly Colin Farrell, are grossly underused. While Kevin Spacey bites hard into his meaty role, I would’ve loved to have seen more of Anniston’s ridiculously foul-mouthed dentist, and Farrell’s hilariously un-PC, douchebag chemical salesman. If Farrell had been given as much screen time as Spacey, I’d be calling for an Oscar nomination. It’s an incredible comic performance, fit perfectly into a completely uproarious film that is more than worthy of sporting an R rating.

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JL3756d ago

I agree about the Colin Farrell part. Me and the girlfriend both were talking about that as we walked out. He was hilarious in the movie and we both wanted to see more of him.

Overall, it was a funny movie though.