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What's With All the Lame Trailers?

And So it Begins writes:
Three trailers for three movies by three masterful directors should send me into Oscar-bait bliss. Spielberg is doing a war film, Scorsese is doing 3D, and Soderbergh is doing disease the same way he did drugs.

But when the trailers for War Horse, Hugo and Contagion dropped this past week, I was left with a collective wince of puzzlement. They all (well, mostly War Horse and Hugo) look undeniably lame. Granted, family friend films are not my preferred genre, but still… what’s going on here?

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alycakes3556d ago

I know they've been coming out with a lot of them lately but I'm glad in a way because trailers are what draw me in or turn me away. I can watch a trailer and the story line or the character...who's in it or the way they act....sometimes just the suspense and cinematography rolled in with the music can get me to want to see a movie so they can show me all the trailers they want.

Soldierone3555d ago

You said war movies and spielberg and I went there as fast as possible....but my god I couldn't agree anymore with this. The War Horse trailer couldn't have been anymore boring.

I honestly don't know how you make a war movie boring. I can see it being done incorrectly....but boring? come on. I hope the movie isn't that boring.

alycakes3555d ago

Didn't see the War Horsse one...