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FilmFracture Review: The Devil's Double

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture writes: "The year is 1987, and Saddam Hussein is at the height of his power in Iraq. Opening on archival footage the viewer is introduced to this specific time in history; the Dictatorship of Saddam, war with missiles firing, and tanks scouring the desert land. Swiftly the footage cuts to two luxury cars speeding through the desert landscape, and then into the bustling city of Baghdad. A man in uniform sits in the back seat, looking uncomfortable, scared, and out of place. Soon enough you find out the man is Latif Yahia, an Iraqi army lieutenant who has been summoned by Uday Hussein. The reason for the request, to become a fiday (body double) for Uday as their looks are quite similar. Latif is faced with an assignment he cannot decline; for saying no to the son of Saddam Hussein means death, or worse. "

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