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Johnny Depp Wants Russell Brand For Next Pirates Movie?

Show Biz Spy Reports:
Johnny Depp wants Russell Brand to star in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Movie insiders say the Brit comic is wanted to add a new element to the blockbuster franchise which looks set to run for another two movies at least.

“Johnny is a big fan of Russell’s and ultimately he has a big say in who he works with,” reports one Hollywood source.

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DarkBlood3753d ago

well i think it could work i seen bits of Russell's work to get that much of an impression

Bull5hifT3752d ago

I Knew Gaga Was a Man , damn Tranny, thank gawd i never Fapped to it

Bull5hifT3752d ago

Yes this relates to Pirates cause john wants Russ in the movie and Russ Told The World Gaga Was Born a HermaPhrodite

JL3753d ago

I think Depp and Brand together could actually be pretty damn entertaining.

Quagmire3753d ago

Noooo! Russel Brand is the worst human being, scratch that, Caveman in the world. He is an unfunny talentless hack.

He should stick to what he's good at, being married to Katy Perry, and making trash films.

If he does entire Pirates, I swear to god it better be a brief cameo appearance, or else I aint watchin it.

Jocosta3752d ago

I am sure Mr. Brand would be wounded upon reading this.

Soldierone3753d ago

I don't really like his style...I respect him for his acting and at times he can really be funny, but after seeing him do pretty much the same exact thing in every single thing I've seen you realize he is generally being himself.

I think he would be good as a side character that has a line here or there, but nothing like a side kick or anything that is around non stop.

Arcee3752d ago

Maybe if he had a role like those two pirate side characters in the first Pirates trilogy, Pintel and Ragetti, where they were there for comedic effect. If they had him in that kind of minor, and I stress MINOR role, I think it could work.

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The story is too old to be commented.