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Gaming On Film: Mortal Kombat

Jake Weston writes:
There were many video game movies before Mortal Kombat, but Mortal Kombat was arguably the first that tried to stay true to the source material. Mortal Kombat literally looks like someone filmed the game. The movie uses the same color palette, features almost every character from the first game, and follows the same basic plot. Every generation, the Elder Gods put together a fighting tournament, the titular Mortal Kombat, pitting fighters from the Outworld against fighters from our realm. Should the Outworld win ten consecutive times, their emperor Shao Kahn will invade and conquer Earth. Our three heroes, Liu Kang (Robin Shou), Johnny Cage (Linden Ashby) and Sonya Blade (Happy Gilmore’s Bridgette Wilson) are summoned forth by Raiden (Christopher Lambert) to represent Earth in the fight against Shang Tsung (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) and the rest of the Outworld contestants.

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Soldierone3755d ago

I don't mind the fighting, but I think for a movie to be accepted it needs to change things around. Its the first game where I'm saying this simply because this is also a game built to be a game, and not some cinematic masterpiece .

For example the first change I'd make is have it revolve around one character and one enemy. Mortal Kombat : Sub Zero or MK: Scorpion. Have it tell the whole back story to that character and the enemy, as every character is an enemy to someone else. Sub Zero would develop into what he is, and so on.

Next thing I would do is cut out the "importance" of fighting. Like the youtube series always pushed for a fight, they always randomly gets kinda stupid at times. Let it build correctly and fight in the correct scenes, the entire movie doesn't need to be fight after fights....

DarkBlood3755d ago

im going to agree and disagree but mostly agree *i tend to look at things in a neutral way* if this isn't going to be about a tourmanent like the first mk movie then your kind of right obviously a fight after a fight isnt going to work or will, depends on how people think anyways

i guess the new mk game story is something to be like a movie if done right maybe only put in the fights that actually important to the story instead of just seeing minor characters battle it out instead of doing that just see them in some other scene and u'll get the idea of who won of course

Arcee3755d ago

I was just about to state that: the latest Mortal Kombat game felt like watching the game become a movie. The way it branches out and follows different characters during different points during the series really felt as if it could work that way in a movie. Even the pacing of the fighting seemed timed to be that of a movie without some of the stupid randomness you got from the first film.