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LRA: Summer Wars - Blu-ray Review

LRA writes: I have noticed over my many years of being an anime fan that there is almost always an underlying sense of a fear of technology embedded deep within most of the titles I have seen. Either it is giant mech suits, space travel, cyborgs or computers in general where almost all anime deals with what happens when these types of technology go berserk or are misused in some way. It is sort of ironic to think that a nation compelled to push the limits of technology also has a deep seeded fear of it as well. Summer Wars is in the same vain as most other anime in this regard but it tells it's story in a much more straight forward and real world relevant way by infusing its story with a deep sense of family and the ties that bind. While it still has all the complexities, drama and excitement that only anime can deliver, Summer Wars uniqueness in how it constructs its world and characters mixed with spectacular animation captivated me from beginning to end.

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