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First Trailer For Martin Scorsese's Hugo

WGTC writes:
The first trailer for Martin Scorsese's Hugo has arrived and my god does it look wonderful. A perfect adventure film for the holiday season.

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dweavis3757d ago

I don't think Scorsese has every done a film quite like this. I am now eagerly awaiting this one.

Sahil3756d ago

one word: unusual.

Nice trailer specially with 30 seconds to mars in the background :)

Quagmire3756d ago

Wow....amazing. Its like a Spielberg film.

A drastic change in direction, yet a suprisingly welcome one. Keen to watch this.

JL3756d ago

Definitely an unusual offering from Scorsese. Nothing too impressive in the trailer there, but does seem interesting. It does also look like this could turn into an incredibly charming little movie.

drdistracto7073756d ago

Sacha Baron Cohen is my only reason to see this :(

what happened to classico Scorsese? What happened to the man that made Goodfellas, my favorite gangster movie? What happened to the man that made Casino, my favorite casino movie (naturally)?

JL3756d ago

Well he can't just keep doing gangster movies over and over and over again (which is also what Casino is). He's a great director, he doesn't want to get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing again and again. He likes to branch out.

No matter how great a director, if you don't branch out and keep doing the same type of movies over and over again, you'll eventually get in a rut and start churning out redundant uninspired movies (just ask Romero).

And if you're just talking about classic Scorsese in terms of "skill" and not just those gangster subgenre movies, then it's not like he hasn't given us great (or at least really good) stuff in recent times: The Aviator, The Departed, Gangs of New York (though kinda gangster) and Shutter Island to name some.

MrMyers3756d ago

i get a vibe of narnia meets mr magorium's wonder emporium except with vastly superior direction

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