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The Coen Brothers vs. David Fincher

Duke and the Movies:
This week I’ve picked two directors that if not deemed “fair” by my readers, I’ll be greatly disappointed. Here are some notes: Both have made Oscar nominated (and in some cases winning) films. Both have multiple films ranked in IMDB’s top #250. Both started working within 1984-1985. And both are without a doubt, respected and beloved by filmgoers and the film industry alike.

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alycakes3754d ago

I have to agree with the choices here. The Coen Brothers are by far the better directors if you're going by the movies on that list. Fargo and No Country For Old Men are two of the best movies ever made.

ToKillADuke3753d ago


Thanks for commenting.

andron3754d ago

I'd be hard pressed to pick between them. Both have made some of my favourite movies...

ToKillADuke3753d ago

You're not alone on that regard.

Soldierone3754d ago

Seven is probably my favorite movie on that list, it was so well done and the first time you watch it is just so fantastic. However I too would go with the Coen brothers. Their movies are more interesting overall and i rather watch a majority of them instead.

alycakes3753d ago

OMG! Seven...'What's in the box?' That just killed me. That was a good movie and a heart wrenching part for Brad Pitt to play....

drdistracto7073754d ago

the coens are far superior

but that' not to say fincher is bad, they are very different directors that make very different movies

VMAN_013754d ago

Yeah I agree, imo I like Fincher better but they are both awesome directors but they have completely different styles of directing so I find them a bit hard to compare.

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