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Aardman's Stop-Motion Pirates Movie Debuts A Trailer

Cinemablend says:

While others upgrade their servers to create bigger, better, computer generated special effects; Aardman stays firmly and wonderfully rooted in the past using a format first popularized making Gumby in the 50s. The British animation studio isn’t one to jump on the latest trends. They’ve made computer animated films, but what’s the point, since even though Flushed Away was done with computers they ended up using all that computer animation to make it look like it was stop-motion.

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Crazay3747d ago

HAH!!! That looks like alot of fun!

JL3746d ago

Looks somewhat decent. Looks like one of those that could have it's moments. Like the big grey creature moment here in the trailer lol. This definitely seems more like something I'd wait on to hit Netflix though.

Crazay3746d ago

Ya - same here. Its not something I'm going to rush out to see but I love this medium so I'll watch it at some point.

Soldierone3745d ago

Oh my god that looked more fun than I thought itd look! If the entire movie is as funny as the trailer ill go see it in theaters for sure. Ill wait for reviews and hear what people say.

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