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Quentin Tarantino To Appear In Franco Nero’s Spaghetti Western

Box Office Magizine:
Iconic Italian actor Franco Nero, who plays Uncle Topolino in Pixar's Cars 2, told Boxoffice that Quentin Tarantino is set to play a role in his upcoming spaghetti western The Angel, The Brute And The Wise. "I made him sign a letter of intent saying that he would do the movie," Nero said via telephone. "I am sure that very soon we will do it." Meanwhile, Nero clarified that he currently does not have a confirmed role in Tarantino's next directorial effort, a riff on Nero's iconic Django character, despite rumors that he was to star in the film. "I was in Berlin with Vanessa [Redgrave] for Coriolanus, and Harvey Weinstein was there and he said, ‘Oh, Franco—you're going to be in Tarantino's movie, eh?' And I didn't know anything."

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alycakes3750d ago

This would be pretty cool. Tarantino is good in just about anything whether he's making a cameo appearance or acting in a major role or just directing a movie so bring it on.