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First Trailer for The Thing Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton

The Collider Writes:
'The Thing' has gone online. The film shares the same title of the classic 1982 John Carpenter film but takes place before the events of that movie. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays paleontologist Kate Lloyd who works with a Norwegian scientific team that stumbles upon an ancient extraterrestrial ship in Antarctica. Fans of the original know that it’s safe to assume that matters go downhill from there. After watching this trailer, I have no idea what the new film brings to the table.

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dweavis3748d ago

After watching this trailer I can't say that it looks bad but I also don't think this will hold a candle towards the John Carpenter classic. The action seems a bit much, the actors/characters all appear rather boring (on first inspection mind you) and it just doesn't look all that scary.

If they can somehow pull off a miracle and make this work I will be impressed. I have an open mind and will still see it but I don't hold out much hope for this one.

Garethvk3747d ago Show
KeiserSosay47883746d ago

I seriously hope they don't ruin this movie! They probably will but, please god don't! lol

alycakes3746d ago

I thought it was a remake but then found out it was suppose to be a prequel? Now I'm confused as to what it really is but it still looks like it's going to be really good.

I still love the one with Kurt Russell though...I remember it being so scary back then when I saw it but I need to watch it again because I don't remember how it ended.