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Even More Photos From 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

Superhero Hype:
Following all the photos from this morning, Entertainment Weekly has released another six images from Columbia Pictures' The Amazing Spider-Man. With the trailer coming next week as well, it's surprising the studio is releasing so much this early, considering the movie doesn't hit theaters until July 3, 2012.

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DarkBlood3746d ago

if your getting infected by a spider why the need for the device to shoot web, wouldnt that part be written in your dna to self produce the stuff?

i know this is based on another version of spiderman in fact i seen this in the old cartoon from the 90's i believe using a similiar thing but im just trying to get a understanding of how it works and why

darklordzor3746d ago

It's not so much "another version" of Spider-Man, it's more "THE" version of Spider-Man. That's how he always was portrayed in the comics. He's a super genius who managed to make these web shooters to go with the powers he'd been given.

The "organic web" from the first movies didn't originate until much later in the comics (I think within the last 15 years), so for most people who grew up with the comics, they actually didn't like the organic webbing. Interesting to see how it's switched around now.

CobraKai3746d ago

I always thought Spidey shoulda inhereted the ability to shoot webs himself, like what Raimi did for his Spider-man, even in the comic books. It makes him more spider like when it's organic. It's still cool that he has web shooters now, even if they look like reversed watches.

Winkle923746d ago

I am really looking forward to this, but those photos look just like the original. Lets see- beating up a high school bully with new found powers *check*, donning a homemade costume to fight petty crime *check*, villan gets unexpected powers from self-experimentation *check*, Aunt May and Uncle Ben worried about Parker's strange new habbits *check*. I realize they are telling the same story, but that doesn't mean you can't use a little originality. Albeit some things have changed (the machinery he uses to shoot web, the sunglasses, the...uh...actors). But I want a NEW Spiderman movie. So far it looks just like a rehash of the old one. But those are just first impressions. I'll reserve judgement till the trailer comes out.

tunaks13746d ago

i gotta say every time new pics/info is revealed, I get less and less interested...