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10 Best Quentin Tarantino Characters

Kevyn Knox writes:

"Okay, okay, I am obsessed with everything Tarantino. My friends know it and now you know it too. That being said, this list of the 10 Best Quentin Tarentino Character was inevitable in its creation, and here it finally is."

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alycakes3758d ago

I think Zoe Bell should have been a little higher up on the list...she was absolutely the best person in that movie anyway.

JL3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Also, no way would I have Shosanna that high up the list. In fact, she probably wouldn't be on my list at all I don't think. Maybe I'd replace her with another Pulp Fiction character: Vincent, Marcellus, Mia, The Wolf or even Tarantino's character in there.

Definitely wouldn't have her ahead of Bill or Hans. In fact, Hans would probably have to be bumped up a couple spots for me, even above Jules I think. And possibly contending for #1.

alycakes3757d ago

Yep...have to agree with you there. I couldn't believe Vincent wasn't in there at all. I think Bill would take the number one spot for me on this one.