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The Teaser Trailer for John Carter Debuts

CB says:
The live-action directorial debut of Andrew Stanton, the director of the Pixar masterpieces Finding Nemo and Wall-E, John Carter is an adaptation of the series of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels written about 100 years ago, referred to collectively as John Carter of Mars. Taylor Kitsch stars as the titular character, a Civil War soldier mysteriously transported to, well, Mars. He meets both a race of nine-foot green aliens called Tharks and human-ish aliens, led by a princess called Dejah (Lily Collins). Honestly beyond that I don't know much, and I don't really want to. You can tell in the trailer that a lot of action ensues, but also some heavier stuff; one of the scenes we saw in the edit bay focused on the relationship between John Carter and Dejah, and even in that short clip it felt very significant and true. Stanton has proven himself a master of storytelling in his two Pixar films, and teaming up with novelist Michael Chabon and fellow Pixar vet Mark Andrews to write this script, I have to assume it's a focus here too.

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alycakes3747d ago

I actually think I'm going to like this movie but I'm hoping it shows in 2D? Usually it does...but the trailer doesn't say so when it's released or on the official poster, it should say.