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The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Coming Next Week

From SHH:

We first brought you word that The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster and trailer were debuting this week and now that same source is telling us that the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man will hit theaters next week with select prints of Captain America: The First Avenger. We're hearing that the trailer is a full 2 minutes and 30 seconds long! We assume this is what Sony Pictures will be showing at the Comic-Con panel next Friday in addition to possibly more. As with the Batman teaser, we're not sure when it will come online, so stay tuned.

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alycakes3747d ago

Yes, I'm just as excited about this one but I don't know that it's going to take us to a new chapter or if it's just going to take us back to a remake of the first movie.

DarkBlood3747d ago

from what i remeber it is a reboot with the origin story again only this time with a different villian and the girl is not mary jane but the other person who i believe is suppose to be the first love interest

id know the name but from any spiderman related thing i seen it was always mary jane to me

alycakes3747d ago

It's been many years since I've read Spiderman comic but I don't remember another love interest other than Mary Jane.

MinimeJer053747d ago

I'm happy to read that it is a full trailer!

JL3746d ago

All this Spider-Man stuff they're pumping out, makes me begin to wonder if there will even be a point for me to go to the Spider-Man panel next week at Comic-Con.

Of course, I'll still try to be there due to the other movies they're showing in that Sony panel, but still.

Peaceful_Jelly3746d ago

That guy looks like a total douchebag.

alycakes3746d ago

I'll give him a chance...I just don't want it to be the same story over and over again. We need something new and fresh.