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Batman Vehicles Arrive on the Pittsburgh Set

SHH says:

Thanks to scoopers 'Validus Monstrum' and 'ron' we've got a look at the Batmobile, Batpod (mostly covered) and a Gotham Police SWAT truck arriving on the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises.

Currently filming for a July 20, 2012 release, the Christopher Nolan-directed film stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Nestor Carbonell, Matthew Modine, Tom Conti, Joey King, Brett Cullen, Chris Ellis and Josh Stewart.

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Crazay3758d ago

Full circle - Tumbler and Pod back in action.

alycakes3757d ago

Yes, they're suppose to film something at the airport there in that city.

JL3757d ago

I like the Tumbler, but I was kinda half hoping for a new design if only just to see what concept they would come up with.

KingPin3757d ago

so i take it none of the new movies will have the actual bat mobile. you know, the one with the comic book design. and like the one in the michael keaton movies. so sad.