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LRA: Rango - Blu-ray Review

LRA writes: Rango is the only movie this year to truly come out of nowhere for me. Not so much that I didn't know about it but just by defying the odds and not being everything I thought it would be, which is your garden variety animated movie for kids. It is so much more than just another movie for kids, heck I think most kids might even find this chameleon's extraordinary journey to be slightly boring. If you missed it in the theaters for the same reasons I almost did then do yourself a favor and pick this one up immediately and discover why not everything animated needs to be geared towards the little ones. And a quick word for anyone interested in the extended cut with the never-before-seen-ending (which runs at 111 minutes in comparison to the theatrical cut at 107 minutes both of which are included here), it is good but other than the 3 minute extended ending nothing else added here changes the film dramatically. That being said I will probably pop the extended version in first if given the option.

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