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Official Announcement of The Evil Dead Remake

Collider says:

It’s official: The Evil Dead remake is alive and well. Ghost House Pictures announced today that Sam Raimi and original producing partners Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell are onboard to remake the horror classic. Following Campbell’s enthusiastic confirmation of the remake yesterday, we reported that Uraguay-native Fede Alvarez would be helming the film, and today’s press release confirms the director’s involvement. Apparently Raimi and Tapert were so impressed with Alvarez’s short film Panic Attack that they signed him to a blind deal, and shortly thereafter attached him to write and direct the Evil Dead remake. Hit the jump for more details, as well as the full press release.

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Crazay3757d ago

well...I was mildly excited for this movie and cautiously optimistic but...Diablo Cody? Really? Ok sure, she knows her way around a stripper pole and I respect that, she made Juno which I did like alot, and she had Megan Fox in legwarmers while hanging out in her underwear with Jennifers Body - but lets be honest here. She probably shouldn't be doing an iconic film remake like Evil Dead.

JL3757d ago

I forgot she wrote Jennifer's Body. That makes this an even stranger choice in my opinion. She's great with dialogue. She showed that with Juno (really liked that one). But Jennifer's Body was garbage, seemingly proving she couldn't handle the horror genre. Granted this is slightly different than typical horror, but still.

Alas, I must admit at the risk of being flamed, I didn't care for The Evil Dead at all. Never saw Part II because frankly, the first was garbage I thought. Army of Darkness wasn't so horrible, though, but still nothing great.