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YourEMGN - Limitless Review

EMGN: "Limitless, where do I start? I was looking forward to this, watching a few movie trailers and write ups to what it was about got me interested into watching it. A pill which allows you to use 100% of your brain instead of the mere 30% we use normally, sounded exciting but after watching this much anticipated film, I can’t say I was left impressed."

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alycakes3756d ago

I didn't get to see it at the movies so I'm hoping to see it when it comes out on dvd. I heard it was really good.

Quagmire3756d ago

meh-worthy. Its tries to act smart, but turns out real stupid.

thisguywithhair3756d ago

I think that the movie suffers from to much editing of the wrong stuff. Some things are left unexplained and other stuff leads nowhere.

alycakes3756d ago

Interesting what both of you have to say. That will sway me to rent it and watch it before I decide to add it or not to my collection. I wouldn't want to spend my money on something if I'm not going to be happy with it.

When I saw the previews I wondered about it and I wanted to see it but I wasn't sure about how good it was going to be and then something came up and I didn't get to go.

thisguywithhair3755d ago

Was this based on a book? That would explain some of the problems.