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Legendary Hires David Goyer For 'Godzilla'

Deadline says:

David Goyer has worked with Thomas Tull's Legendary Pictures on both Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy and the new Superman reboot Man Of Steel. Now the in-demand writer will pen the screenplay, from a draft written by David Callaham, for Legendary Pictures’ new version of Godzilla.

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Crazay4049d ago

I really didn;t hate the one they did a few years back but it was lacking in something I'm just not sure what. Here's hoping they do the monster justice.

bebojet4048d ago

It was missing Mega Godzilla or any other monster to really wreak havoc.

darklordzor4049d ago

Yeah, I didn't hate the 1998 one either. It wasn't the best, but it definitely wasn't the worst. Hell, if it's on I'll still sit and watch it.

This is great freaking news though. I'm thrilled with the director they chose for it, and this is a fantastic choice in the writer. I'm very stoked for this film now. With a great story behind it, this can be an epic movie.

alycakes4049d ago

Whatever they make I'm sure it will be better than any of the ones where the lips move before they speak...

I liked the 1998 one too but I can't sit and watch it over when it shows on tv or I wouldn't pick it as a favorite of mine. There are some movies that I could probably watch everytime they come on or if someone asked me....what can we watch that's good? I would pick maybe a handful of movie again and again. Godzilla just would never fit into that list.

Crazay4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

But the originals with dubbed english dialog is so much fun - They're iconic in so many ways.

4049d ago
no_more_heroes4048d ago

I agree with all the comments above. Just watched it two days ago on FX. It's definitely a "Hollywood" movie, but it was still somewhat enjoyable.

Let's see if Legendary can do better than Sony did.

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