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Man of Steel Set Pics Hint At Smashed-Car Carnage

Superman Homepage says:

Superman fan Brandon Whitmore sent us two more photos taken at a location in Plano, Illinois for the up-coming Superman movie, "Man of Steel".

The two images show damaged vehicles, one of them a garbage truck which appears to have had something or someone smash in and out of it.

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Crazay3757d ago

I need to see the costume and what the new guy looks like in it.

CobraKai3756d ago

I hope the new cosutme looks more practical than returns. Returns looked too sexy and was off putting. I hope the gold "S" is on his cape again.

Crazay3756d ago

Dude - There was nothing wrong with the costume in Returns. I can take it or leave it with the S on the cape.

CobraKai3756d ago

If anything, it was the hot pants that bugged me. The rest I don't mind. Compared to concept art from previous failed Superman movies, Singer did good with the suit.

Crazay3756d ago

I thought Singer did a great job with the suit. It;s kinda hard to screw it up though.

CobraKai3756d ago

Those cars look very similar to what happened to the cars in Superman2. I.E. it looks like bodies flew into them.