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Set Photos From Len Wiseman's Total Recall Movie

AICN says:

Merrick here...

Two apparently unrelated AICN readers - Qualité-Foofray and DeadStar - sent in spy pics of the filming of TOTAL RECALL. No sign of stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, John Cho, Bill Nighy, Ethan Hawke, Bryan Cranston, or Jessica Biel.

This is a re-adaptation of Philip K. Dick's source material (available HERE). To what extent it will ape Paul Verhoeven's 1990 big screen adaptation remains to be seen, but I glanced quickly through a draft of this new project's script me... it seemed like a very different approach to the material more than a "remake."

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Crazay3559d ago

I am very very interested in this movie. I really like the original movie but sure wish they said wether or not he was dreaming.

alycakes3559d ago

He was not dreaming from what I remember.

Crazay3559d ago

did you read the book? Cause I just watched it and it's a very ambiguous ending.

Quagmire3559d ago

Yea, it was pretty much the original Inception, where you dont know whether it was all a dream, or real life.

alycakes3559d ago

No on this one I didn't read the book. but I did like the movie and the way it ended. What I remember was that the people were being tricked into thinking that they would die in that worlds atmosphere but it normal just like earth or it was earth....gosh it's been so long ago.

GodsHand3558d ago

They were not being tricked, but being taken advantage of for breathing clean air. Mars lacked an atmosphere, and in turn could not porduce oxegen, and because of the atmosphere not being present caused mutations on humans that inhabited the planet. The guy that was in charge (Haygen??, don't really remember his name), knew about the giant ice galciers, and that it held enough O2 for the planet, but refused to melt them, for profit, and made-up lies to hide the fact. I don't belive it was a dream, for the fact when the dr. guy tried to make Doug??(Arnold), take a pill to make his mind belive it was a dream, but he noticed the dr. started to sweat. Doug was confused, because Haygen, used him as a spy to stop the rebels, but the rebels convinced him of what was really going on, and all it was a power thing, for Haygen to control the planet. Haygen tried to prevent Doug from having a total recall of his memories, of why the glaciers needed to be melted from the alien machine. I never read the book, and this is all based off of what I remember, it's also just my opinion.