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The Dark Knight Rises Official Teaser Trailer

It's here! It was really just a matter of time but today is the day and the first official teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has leaked online.

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MastaMold3757d ago

Damn just missed it, want to see this trailer so bad

JL3757d ago

Umm, what do you mean? The trailer is right there.

gaden_malak3757d ago

The attached video works.

I am curious who was in the bed? I couldn't make it out, too dark.

JL3757d ago

That was Gordon in the bed.

-Superman-3757d ago

Really want to know why Batman were gone and why Bruce is saying Batman dosent exsit anymore?

And Evil rises

Merivigian3756d ago

Because Bruce wanted to give up Batman at the end of Dark Knight.. remember, he blamed himself for Rachel's death.

filmcritic1013756d ago

My best guess is since the batman is wanted for the murder of harvey dent in the dark knight movie, he's probably laying low.

Soldierone3757d ago

At about 1:30 is that bane?

The way this is going its like when Batman cartoons turned into Batman Beyond haha. looks so awesome, can't wait for the high resolution to release.

-Superman-3757d ago

Bane breaks Batman back, and this is why he says there is no more Batman.

LtSkittles3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Nah, man Batman doesn't exist anymore, because the way The Dark Knight ended. Evil rises, means Bane is wreaking havoc probably, and Ras is back.

And yes, that's Bane.

LtSkittles3757d ago

Can't fricking wait for 2012. :D

-Superman-3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I never dont get it.
Catgirl is good or villian? IN comics its villian, but in game she is good. WTF is this...

1)Ra villian
2)Bane villian
3)Catwoman - Good or villian?

No, you dont get it. He dosent exist anymore, becuase he leaves everything.
He said: You were gone for long time.
Its just like Batman Returns, he leaves Batman job, or like in Spiderman 2, he leaves everything behind and dosent want to be a hero anymore.

Batman/Bruce :What if he doesn't exist anymore?
Gordon: Batman must come back, he must.... he must....

Like Christopher Nolan said before, there is no Batman/Dark Knight, he leaves everything behind. And years later he comes back and everything is gone.

LtSkittles3757d ago

Catwoman isn't a villain, or an ally. What I meant was, Batman doesn't exist anymore, because Bruce decided at the end of the Dark Knight to not be Batman anymore, because Rachel died, Gordon pretended to take a bullet for the mayor, and the Joker created Two-Face. Bruce knows he has limits as both Batman, and Bruce. He can't be Batman forever, but he also can't stand to see Gotham in ruins.

Greyfoxdbz3756d ago

I don't think he ever says that he won't be Batman anymore. He just becomes the fall guy for the stuff Harvey Dent does in the end. He does this voluntarily because Harvey Dent was Gotham City's white knight and a symbol of hope. I could be wrong however because I haven't seen it in ages.

LtSkittles3756d ago

What I mean is he says "Batman is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one we need right now" Bruce has given up the Batman persona, and in this tailer he says Batman doesn't exist anymore which, I'm guessing he no longer sees the need for Batman. And yes, he did do it voluntarily, because if Gotham knew about Two-Face, the Joker would've won.

VoicesInMyHead3756d ago

idk where I read it but, Catwoman is the perfect shade of grey side of the law (where as Batman is black, Bain is white) where Batman will allow her to steal, etc. as long as she helps him out. She's Batman's love interest, not Bruce's. And because Rachel died, Nolan had to fill that void somehow...

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MinimeJer053756d ago

Awesome looking trailer. Can't wait!

darklordzor3756d ago

I haven't been able to catch any of these bootleg trailers...and I don't really care to. I'd much rather see it in better quality.

Sahil3756d ago

Yeah.. I'm avoiding it too..

CobraKai3756d ago

I was weak... I couldn't help myself:(

JL3756d ago

Yea, couldn't help myself either. It's just a teaser trailer, though, so no big deal. It's the spoiler type stuff that I'll be avoiding like the plague.

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