Edward Norton In Talks To Play The Villain In The Bourne Legacy

CinemaBlend says:

While Edward Norton certainly has some questionable titles on his resume, but he is easily one of our best actors. From Primal Fear to American History X to Fight Club, the man has proven time and time again that he can play anything, but it always seems that he is at his best when utilizing his creepy/evil vibe. One can imagine that will only serve him well as he hunts down Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy.

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Crazay3759d ago

I love Edward Norton. He was incredible in Primal Fear, Fight Club and American History X. i still say he was screwed over on American History X.

Soldierone3758d ago

This has made me interested in the film once again. I lost almost all hope until i read this, he is such a talented actor. I hope he gets it.

Honestly he is so under rated because he hasn't really done anything main stream. I was hoping Hulk would be that project, but Marvel had to screw him over....

JL3758d ago

I think, ultimately, Norton is fine where he's at.

He is awesome, though. Great actor and one of the best ones of our generation. His debut in Primal Fear has to be one of the best debuts ever.

Like others mentioned, he was great in Primal Fear, American History X and Fight Club. But some others are Death to Smoochy (he nailed that 'naive' young man role that transitioned to a crazed/driven mad by the system guy). Also Rounders he did very nice in. The Score he did real good, too, with that somewhat of a dual role. 25th Hour was another really good one.

Pretty much, if it has Norton in it, I'll give it a watch.

Crazay3758d ago

I'm with you 100% on that JL - If Edward Norton is in it, I'll likely watch it.

krazykombatant3758d ago

Righ well what about the fact that Matt Damond won't be in the movie, as far as we know. Further more I've been reading that their gonna make it a side-quel to the bourne storyline.

Anyways hes a good actor, but would be fit the role of spalko or khan??

alycakes3758d ago

As long as they don't try to pass Jeremy Renner as Matt Damon (or as Bourne himself) and Norton is in the movie to give it a lift as the bad might turn out pretty good. Norton was a good bad guy in The Italian Job too.

I'll go see it then.

Sahil3758d ago

Could this movie get any better now that norton is a part of it tooo..