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Guy Ritchie Back On Sgt Rock

Twitch Films says

What's next for Guy Ritchie after Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows? There has been talk of Excalibur but Twitch has learned that Warner Brothers is putting the Warren Ellis scripted project aside and instead wants Ritchie to focus on a title from his past: The DC Comics adaptation Sgt Rock.

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Crazay3749d ago

Sgt Rock would make for an interesting character in a movie. I used to have some of his comics from the 60s and my grandfather tossed em out. I'd like to see a good WWII Movie...Think I know someone else here who'd be ok with that.

alycakes3748d ago

You might know more than one....I don't normally watch war movies but I used to read these comics too....I loved them. I don't even know why but I did. Maybe because I have 5 brothers and they had tons of them and so I read what they had Superman, Batman, Spiderman and Sgt Rock and Easy Co.

Crazay3748d ago

Nice - SoldierOne is a huge war movie fan so I think he';s going to be all over this.