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LRA: The Ward - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: It has been over ten years now since I have seen a new film from the legendary director and words cannot express how overjoyed I was when news reached me that he was finally stepping back into the directors chair once again. Despite my enthusiasm for a new film from the director my gut instinct told me to be cautious. You see, not every director is capable of recapturing what is was they once did so well back in their prime so to speak...cough...George Romero...cough. It's not that I have lost faith in my once favorite director of all time (I owned all of his films on VHS as a teenager...even the bad ones), it's that I have seen too many other favorites fall victim to trying to keep up with the times. His new film The Ward is nowhere near as awful as the last couple Romero movies but it also isn't nearly on par with his past achievements either.

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