Horrible Bosses Review (TMP)

From TMP:

Reviewing a comedy is one of the hardest things to do in the film journalism world. Unlike action movies or drama flicks, a comedy is completely dependent on one thing, and one thing only; did you laugh? It could be terribly directed and have a piss poor plot but, if you laughed enough, none of that would really matter anyways. So going into this review of Horrible Bosses, know this; I cannot understand your sense of humor. To do that, I imagine it would take weeks of long, hard psychoanalysis. But I do know mine. And for what it's worth, Horrible Bosses tickled my funny bone just right.

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Arcee4099d ago

This is one of those films that I haven't gotten around to see yet but is high on my "Must Watch" list. It just looks like it is funnier than people watching the early trailers gave it credit for. Hopefully, this weekend, I can check it out. Awesome review, man.