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'Thor' Storms to DVD and Blu-ray and Brings 'The Avengers' With Him

Paramount Home Entertainment have announced that Thor willing be coming to DVD and Blu-ray this September. The movie will release in a 3-Disc set as well as a 2-Disc set on September 13th, 2011 as well as a standalone DVD. Each set will come with tons of special features and extra footage. One of the more exciting parts will be an exclusive look at next year’s The Avengers.

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DarkBlood3759d ago

holy shit they are already going to put out the avengers next year in theatres

but thor 2 hasnt been made yet but been confirmed for 2013

are they going to use the same thor actor and are they just going to throw him in there without explanation o.o

how will that work when releasing the heroes by themselves into a seperate movie after being in a team aggggh im so effing confuzzled lol

alycakes3759d ago

From what I hear...yes they already signed him on to do the second Thor movie...that's a difinite yes! He'll probably start filming that after he finishes doing the movie Snow White movie that he's doing and I think he's doing another one too...but don't worry, they'll get it done for us.

All we have to worry about is getting to the movie to see it.