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Top 10 Funniest Characters Currently on TV

New characters like Tobias Fünke, Michael Scott, and Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys gave us reasons to laugh again, but it’s 2011 and they’re all gone now. So who’s left? Who are the funniest characters on television? WVG has compiled a list of The Top 10 Funniest Characters Currently on TV….Enjoy

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Arcee3753d ago

Pretty good list. Every character you listed, even the honorable mentions, are deserved of a spot there.

krazykombatant3753d ago

Ummm where the hell is ARCHER!?!?!?!

alycakes3753d ago

Well, I'm Jim Parsons or any of the guys from The Big Bang Theory.

xVeZx3753d ago

so true jim parsons is hilarious

xVeZx3753d ago

-Leo Spaceman – 30 Rock
A great character that needs more screen time.

THIS x1000000000000000

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