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The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Description

Movieweb says

We reported last month that Sony is bringing the highly-anticipated reboot The Amazing Spider-Man to Comic-Con 2011. We have received a description of the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, which will be shown at the San Diego event next week.

Now, if you want to be surprised and watch the first trailer without any description whatsoever, then stop reading now. However, if you want a little taste of what to expect next week, then keep on reading.

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Crazay3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

If this holds to be true - then we're all paying to see a story we already know and saw once before.

alycakes3749d ago

That's what I took from that also. That it was just a reboot from the original.

I understood that also from the other article where they interviewed the screenwriter Steve Kloves. When he was talking about it, it sounded like he was talking about the very first Spiderman movie too.

Soldierone3748d ago

Dang you! I wasn't going to read it, but now I feel forced to as that was what I was fearing...

darklordzor3749d ago

Hmmm...Damn. I can't say that trailer holds anything very exciting for me. Being that this is a reboot and they're trying to do something new with the character, you'd think the trailer would want to focus on what makes this movie DIFFERENT. Instead it sounds like they are going to be showing just about all the same stuff that we got with the first film.

I'm sure this movie will be plenty different, but I'd think the first marketing for it, would want to show a little more.

Crazay3749d ago

More of the same with a slightly different angle and new actors. Don;'t get me wrong, I really want to see it I just wish they could fast forward past the origins like they did for the Incredible Hulk.

darklordzor3749d ago

Yeah that would have been a good way of thinking of it. Instead of rehashing the origin, just take it as a given in the story and move on.

frelyler3749d ago

Why bother, Raimi did it best except when greedy idiotic execs made him include venom. They will never learn.

Crazay3749d ago

Raimi did do a good job in my opinion - I also agree that the execs should have left well enough alone and let him do his own thing but i didn;t terribly hate Venom at all. I didn't like the jazz room though . that made me wanna cry.

-Superman-3749d ago

Raimi ruined Spiderman.
First, Spiderman turned bad guy and emo in Spiderman 3.
Second, he killed his best friend. What a idiot.
Third, 3 villian in 1 movie, what a idiot, worst movie ever.
I dont get it how some people want 6 people in 1 movie? Spiderman 3 failed becuase it had too many villians and spiderman black suit.

Movie would be good when Sandman and villian harry would stayed. But Sandman dies too fast, and then came back in end.

frelyler3749d ago

Well, you have it all wrong my friend. Raimi did not want any of the story lines you mentioned in his third movie. He only wanted to focus on Sandman, the movie execs took creative control and forced him to shoe horn in those stories. Why do you think he bowed out of the 4th film. You should read some of the interviews he has done post Spiderman 3. Also I am interested to know what you thought of Spiderman 1 and 2.

DarkBlood3749d ago

what you talking about killed his best freind? he decided to get in the way of the "spear ish" weapon to protect peter parker from venom

unless your not talking about the third movie?

Quagmire3749d ago

You're pretty retarded if you think Sam Raimi ruined Spiderman.

He had a brilliant run with the first 2, and like evry else said, It was the execs who wanted to Shove Venom in for publicity and media advantages.

If I were Raimi, i wouldve threatened to leave the project had they asked me to include the Venom/Symbiote plot

-Superman-3748d ago

Raimi himself said he liked 3 villian idea and Spiderman 4 would have even more villians.

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Excalibur3749d ago

Sounds like the Lizard will be the Baddie in this one.

Crazay3749d ago

Pretty sure that's already common knowledge.

Quagmire3749d ago

Too bad the original actor for Dr Connors never got the chance to play him. Seems like he was being set up throughout the films for his great arrival, yet it never happened.

coolfool3748d ago

I agree. And I am reserved about Rhys Ifans playing Doc Connors. I guess it will test his characterisation abilities but I always associate him to silly comedy roles.

MinimeJer053749d ago

I can't judge until I see the trailer for myself. The talent involved in this one sounds promising, but at the end of the day it feels really unneeded.

Raimi was 2 for 3. Not a bad score in my book.

WooHooAlex3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Raimi made two good Spider-Man movies but he missed a great opportunity to use the Lizard in Spider-Man 3 and he killed off all of his villains. Some of the casting choices were just awful in Raimi's trilogy.

I'm much more excited for the reboot than I would have been for Spider-Man 4. Its a clean slate. We might finally get an accurate Green Goblin for the sequel.

Guessing this trailer description is a fake tho.

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