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Bruce Campbell Joins Twitter, Confirms Evil Dead Remake

CinemaBlend says:

We’ve been hearing rumors that a remake of Sam Raimi’s starter horror film Evil Dead might be in the works. That’s not quite as bad as it sounds, since it’s Raimi that’s rumored to be remaking it. Tonight we got confirmation that, yep, it’s really happening. That confirmation comes from Bruce Campbell, star of the original Evil Dead series.

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DarkBlood3759d ago

so bruce is going to star in the remake of the movie hes done before well ok thats all good but im a little confused why not just continue it

i probably already know the answer to this but my brain refuse to tell me but when generally doing a remake or reboot do you not use new actors or has something like this been done before?

Crazay3759d ago

I think it's a great thing to have him reprise his role as Ash. I just want them to take it back to its roots where it was a scary movie and not the comedy it became.

DarkBlood3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

when did it become comedy?

hmm isnt that a third movie im pretty sure theres a second one where he and his freinds go back to that same cabin lol for a vacation ?

Crazay3759d ago

Evil Dead 2...Army of Darkness...

alycakes3759d ago

Actually Bruce Campbell made it funny. His little short liners and attitude I guess or at least that's what I remember.