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The Dark Knight Rises Official Teaser Poster

Hot on the heels of the first official trailer (which will be premiering in front of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2), comes the first official teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises. Being a teaser, it doesn’t show off anything notable but hey, it's still something.

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Kingdom Come3760d ago

Simply Stunning. The Dark Knight Rises will no doubt be yet another masterpiece originating from the genius that is Christopher Nolan. Being a young independent director (still in college), he is my inspiration. I eagerly anticipate the teaser trailer on my viewing of the Deathly Hallows Part 2. And my viewing of the final film at IMAX on Day one...

alycakes3760d ago

Love photo angles like this. I go downtown all the time just to take pictures of the building like this (except they aren't falling apart).

This is a neat poster.

darklordzor3760d ago

Very nice. I'm digging it completely and it's very similar to the other poster styles from the first couple movies. So glad to finally see something official coming out of this movie, instead of all these weeks of rumors and blurry images.

Sahil3760d ago

Man.. that looks neat!

this is going on my desktop till the official trailer

CobraKai3760d ago

Very Inception-ish what with the crumbling buildings but at the same time keeps in the same vein as the burning bat symbol of the Dark Knight. Loving it

JL3759d ago

That's one of the things I noticed too. Has a bit of an Inception vibe to it. Looks pretty cool.

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