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I'll Be Blunt: Hollywood Smokes Everything

FilmMattic writes: Let's face the facts. The last time we puffed a Spike Lee rolled joint, our lungs overflowed with toxins. Instead of smoking, you know, genuine marijuana, we were duped into K2 (for those not savvy with teenager's ways of getting high, it's a potent mixture of herbal and spice plant products, which is sprayed with a psychotropic drug and contaminated with a toxic substance). The end result of smoking K2, which is not unlike watching Spike Lee's last film: a horrid mutation comprised of equal parts streaking Will Ferrell from Old School and drug-riddled Jared Leto from Requiem for a Dream. Not healthy. Not pretty. And oh so reckless.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv33749d ago

Our initial reaction is one of the same, although I'd be lying if I said I'm not interested in where Lee takes this thing. I remember being perplexed by the notion of Herzog's Bad Luitenant remake, but I ended up really enjoying that movie.

filmmattic3749d ago

Exactly. A remake of a film like Oldboy cannot be handled delicately. The subject matter is surrealistic, dark and complex. It's not a cookie-cutter revenge tale. A director like Spike Lee, who is daring and controversial, is an ideal candidate for THIS type of remake. He is not the most gifted force behind the camera, that fact is certain, but he does push the envelope. And pushing the envelope is what an Oldboy remake requires. We'll both see if he's successful. I am hopeful.