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The Inbetweeners Movie Trailer Arrives

Empire says:

So here it is, the trailer for the upcoming Inbetweeners Movie. In it we see everyone’s favourite idiots Will, Jay, Neil and Simon being, you guessed it, complete chumps… just the way we like it.

For those not in the know – or those who haven’t checked Empire’s feature on the sitcom spin-off in the latest issue – The Inbetweeners Movie sees the gang from Rudge Park Comprehensive going on a lads’ holiday to Crete in the pursuit of, well, clunge, clunge and more clunge.

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Crazay3750d ago

I've never even heard of them/it. What's the show all about anyway?

watchvideogames3749d ago

It's a British show about 4 sex crazed highschoolers(I think), problem is they're not good with women. It's a right of passage show, it's crude, it's vulgar, but it's also well written and pretty funny.