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Arnold Books 'Last Stand': Western To Test His Post Scandal Popularity

Deadline Reports:
EXCLUSIVE: The Lionsgate project has been off, then on, then off, and now on again. The studio in May had been on the verge of announcing that Arnold Schwarzenegger was starring in its long-in-development Western titled Last Stand, set up as the English-language debut of director Kim-ji-Woon. Then the actor pulled out just before his personal scandal went public and deep-sixed his marriage to Maria Shriver. But now the actor is back in the project and aiming to test his popularity post-divorce.

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alycakes3749d ago

Good're going to need it.

DarkBlood3749d ago

while he should take care of his life first i hope gets back in the movie business hes still my favourite actor after all even if the first movie i ever saw in my life since i was born was terminator 2

alycakes3748d ago

I do still love those Terminator movies myself. The only one they should have not done was #3. but all the others were good.