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LRA: Horrible Bosses - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: What a brilliant concept for a comedy. Who doesn't want to murder their boss or at least see something terrible happen to them? Horrible Bosses isn't the first film to mine this lucrative territory but that's alright in this case. As I often tell people, I don't care if it has been done before but if you're gonna do it again make sure to bring something new to the table. In the case of this film that new idea was to not have just one type of boss to have our "heroes" take down but three very distinct and parodied personalities. But they are just the window dressing for what is essentially a buddy flick with three down on their luck guys who believe that if their bosses were out of the way life would be so much easier on them. It would be easy to tag this as a Hangover wanna-be or any other movie that features a group of friends working together towards a common goal but I think that would be shortchanging what is one of the funnier films to come out this year.

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