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Go 'Inside' a New Social Media Film Experience

Every once and a while, something unique comes along and changes the human experience. Whether it be socially, like Facebook, or via the silver screen, like The Godfather or Citizen Kane, the affect it can have can be timeless.

A new project, headed by Intel and Toshiba, titled "Inside", looks to do just that. The just-launched "Social Media Film Project" redefines the term social media and transcends traditional film by making the first ever socially interactive film.

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alycakes3755d ago

I've never heard of people doing something like this. Is it something that is normally done in the game world....if it is, it sure would be very entertaining and be hard to stay away from.

Quagmire3755d ago

Nothing new, already been done before with a TV series/Webisode, dont think it was very successful