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Netflix Not Bidding for Hulu

THR says:

Initial suitors included satellite TV giant DirecTV,, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft as the sales process is ready for its next phase.

NEW YORK - With initial presentations to potential suitors mostly completed, the sale of online video site Hulu, led by CEO Jason Kilar, is ready to enter its next phase, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Interested bidders will now examine Hulu's business in more detail, including content deals with its owners News Corp., Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp.'s NBCUniversal.

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Soldierone3567d ago

Ive tried Hulu and I honestly don't see whats the big deal about it. Was such a pain to find anything I wanted, and they milk you for money anyway they can.

However out of the companies the only one I don't want to see buying it would be Direct TV. Id like to see what Amazon does with it, since their current streaming service for Prime sucks....I love Amazon and hate to be harsh, but it does.

JL3567d ago

I've never tried Hulu. But one thing I do like, over Netflix, is how soon they get TV shows after they air.

I wouldn't want Microsoft to get this either. I don't care for their business tactics at all.

I'd rather see Yahoo or Google pick it up. Not really sure why Amazon would due to them wanting to get their own streaming service off the ground.

For that same reason, not even sure why Netflix would be interested either since they offer the same service.

Crazay3566d ago

IF MS can get it, I guarantee that would be making its way to Xbox and I love my Xbox so I'm all over this if they snag it.