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8 Things We Learned About The Amazing Spider-Man

Collider says:

Earlier today I got to sit down with screenwriter Steve Kloves for an extended video interview. While some of you might not recognize his name, I promise that you’ve seen his work as he wrote all the Harry Potter movies except Order of the Phoenix. And with the final Harry Potter movie arriving in theaters next weekend, in the coming days you can look forward to a really in depth conversation about bringing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 to life.

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Crazay3750d ago

This is a test to see if the comment section is working - And it is!

Soldierone3750d ago

This was extremely interesting, very good find. I really liked how he talked about the film. Im a little eery on some of the things he said though.

1 Its down to earth, but I don't realy want it to be. We get that enough with all the other comic book movies, I loved the comic book feel behind the first two.

2 Peter WAS a happy he isn't going to be anymore?

3 3D....ugh I can't resist for this one lol....

However I did like how he likes writing for female characters, some reason I love doing that too. He has a LOT of similarities with me and thats probably why I found this interview so interesting. its also a rather funny story about the web shooter haha. When I was first writing my comic book we had discussions for like a month about rather or not certain things were mechanical or organic.

Crazay3750d ago

HAHAHA!! I knew you'd have to say something about the 3D aspect of it all. Peter was a Nerd ya, but it's time for him to be somethine else I guess.

Soldierone3750d ago

I dont think the site likes the embedded video haha. Its messing up the entire page here :P

However I am interested to see what they do with this. Its something that hasn't really been pushed outside of the comics. Im more interested in the idea of his web shooters not being organic, thats going to bring it down to earth A LOT.

Crazay3750d ago

See - I liked the organic webs. It always made way more sense to me. Some highschool kid makes some sort of insane blue like substance? LAME!

Soldierone3750d ago

Yeah thats what I'm saying though. It will be rather interesting to see how its done. I think it would make more logical sense if he had the "problem" and went to the professor and the professor pretty much makes the whole thing for him, and peter just mods it later or something.

I have always been a fan of organic stuff like that though. It makes a comic book....a comic book. Which is why we were debating so long for my own. I wanted it to be organic, but they wanted it to be mechanical and removable.

Crazay3750d ago

Then I'm way on your side for that respect. It's what makes superheros/villians so special. They have ability that come naturally. Webbing should be included since spiders produce it naturally.

coolfool3749d ago

In the comic they explain the creation of the mechanical webbing as Peter, since his bite, has a natural sense of what enzymes to combine to create the webbing. The shooter was just pressurised gas.

3749d ago
ReelKid3749d ago

wow this was a nice leak of information!
Though i don't understand the issue with the mechanical web shooter,
I remember watching the "new-spiderman" series when I was a kid (absolutely amazing series btw), they also used this idea and it worked perfectly. It sort of displayed the fact that spidey wasn't all perfect and had to compensate by using his brains.