Box Office: ‘Transformers’ is Prime Once Again

The fireworks continued a week after the 4th of July, and Chicago was once again decimated in thousands of screens across America. Poor Chicago. I hope the IMAX screen on Navy Pier stayed intact. Oh, lord. And Giordano’s Pizza, too? I’m suddenly beginning to understand all the hatred towards the Decepticons.

But moving past that Windy City digression, Transformers: Dark of the Moon came out in the top slot for the second weekend, not a surprise considering the next big blockbuster of Summer 2011 doesn’t hit until next weekend. The bosses that are horrible and the keeper of the zoo were no match for the second wave of battling robots, massive Michael Bay explosions, and Ken Jeong. That’s right, we’re still counting him as a factor in all this. Dark of the Moon still sits at the bottom of the Transformers franchise totem pole. It has to best $319.2m in order to overtake 2007′s Transformers, $402.1m to beat out Revenge of the Fallen. The first of these seems likely. The second, not so much.

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