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Debut Trailer of 'Juan of the Dead', Cuba's 1st Horror Film

Latino Review:
Not long ago, in one of my conversations with Kelvin, we were discussing just how played out and tired movies about immigration are. We have no idea why they seem to get made because its not like folks are lining up around the block to go and see them. They’re mostly depressing and wack.

I blurted out to Kel, “Man, if they’re going to make a movie about immigration, they should make one as a kick ass genre film. Make that shit cool. Throw in a zombie or two for good measure!”

I have no idea how, but halfway around the globe writer/director Alejandro Bruges must have read my mind because that is exactly what he did.

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alycakes3561d ago

Hell, First horror film in Cuba? Are you there is a horror film...I'll bet some of those people will tell you that!

This is pretty awesome! Looks like a Robert Rodriquez movie...very funny.

Soldierone3561d ago

In a way it kinda looks like an indie film, but then it has parts that look really good and you can see where the budget kicked in.

I just have a thing for first time projects being similar to something that already got popular before it, why not try to be unique instead?

alycakes3561d ago

Yes, I see what you mean...that's why I was saying it looked like Robert Rodriquez there for a while...then it looks a little weird but still funny.

It's so strange to me how they come up with these ideas sometimes.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33561d ago

That actually exceeded my expectations

'Jaun of the Dead, we kill your loved ones. How can I help you?'