First Images Of Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D

Collider Writes:
Fans of artistically perverse Euro-horror always get a little excited when a new Dario Argento movie is announced. Granted, the Italian horror master hasn’t exactly been on top form in recent years with the disappointing Mother Of Tears and the Adrian Brody lawsuit laden Giallo feeling like pale imitations of the director’s iconic classics like Suspiria and Deep Red. But there’s always hope amongst the gore-loving community that he’ll recapture his distinct brand of surrealist gore-horror in the next outing. Argento’s upcoming Dracula 3D does hold some promise given that it will be the visual master’s first crack and stereoscopic cinematography and will feature Rutger Hauer as Van Helsing. There is always a chance that the lazy storytelling and wooden acting that plagued Argento’s recent work will crop up again here, but hopefully the iconic story will keep the director in check. Today the first few images of Argento’s 3D tribute to blood-sucking love-making have...

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I don't know about this at all...3D for Dracula?